S o l u s  R e x

Solus Rex (2024) awakens as the last man on Earth, where the key to immortality lies in ancient rituals of becoming one with the Snake.

Solus Rex, the “Lonely King.” The last human left on Earth. The existential struggle between humans and nature is coming to an end. The Snake. One of the most enigmatic incarnations of eternal, mysterious Nature. The first of its kind crawled on the planet already 100 million years ago. There are legends about a snake standing up and becoming a human. But there are also legends about a human throwing themself down and turning into a snake. These ancient legends live deep in his memory: the echoes of forgotten spells, rituals performed in shadows, secrets of transformation. In order not to perish, humans must adapt… Lie down, and crawl wordlessly. Like a snake. And live forever.


Solus Rex guides us into the boundless subconscious, where anything is possible. Immerse yourself in a visually captivating journey into raw spirit, transcending reality and touching the essence of the soul. The visuals and narrative intertwine to narrate a tale of primal, earthy authenticity, evoking a sense of spaciousness, curiosity, and mystery. Void.

In this transformative film, visuals and symbolism entwine, guiding a heartfelt quest for identity and acceptance.

SOLUS REX is currently seeking for further funding for the post production & distribution.


Marta Lillioja    Writer, Director & Producer

Silvana Araoz-Fraser  Production Designer

Robin Ruitenberg  Cinematographer

Richard Burki Composer & Sound Designer

Tim Wes   Saxophone

Mame N'Diack Thiam
Solus Rex


Urbain Studio

Future Phonic Studios