JEZEBEL (2021) is a short, hybrid dance film that explores the double identity of a woman torn between two sides—one with an irresistible attraction to a car symbolizing the ultimate alpha male.


"Best Dance Film" at the Paris Play Film Festival, Paris.

"Best Experimental Film" at the Florence Film Awards, Florence.

"Best Director Award" at the Grand New York Film Awards, New York.

"Best Videography" at the Aalchemy Filåm Festival, New York.

Official selection and a nomination for "Best Short Film" at the New Creators Film Awards, Paris.

Official selection and a nomination for "Best Short Film" at the Brazil New Visions Film Fest, Brazil.

Official selection at the WSXA Amsterdam International Awards, Amsterdam.

Official selection at the Bucharest ShortCut Cinefest.

"Jezebel " unfolds as a psychological thriller where an enigmatic Woman wakes up in the back seat of a car, surrounded by uncertainty. Her conflicting instincts, symbolized by the car as an alpha male, lead to a gripping dynamic of dominance and submission. As she grapples with internal conflict and reveals fragments of her past, suspense builds, keeping viewers questioning her mysterious journey. 

In a pivotal moment, trapped in the back seat, she chooses to take control and gets behind the wheel. "Jezebel" explores the complexities of power, control, and desire, using the car as a metaphor for her internal struggle. The film delivers suspense and psychological depth, keeping audiences engaged until the final revelation as the Woman steers her own destiny.


Marta Lillioja    Writer, Director & Producer

Isabelle Nelson   JEZEBEL

Jasper De Kloet  Cinematographer

Omar Medina Composer & Sound Designer

Eric Junker   Composer & Sound Designer